Monday, October 18, 2010

My grandparents

Patricia and M.O. Shepard at the Dickson Country Club - it had to have been the 70's!

This summer has been an emotional one.  My family lost the matriarch and patriarch of the Shepard clan, within 8 weeks of each other.  My grandparents were so special to me;  they helped to instill the love for travel.  They were always on the go somewhere!  Now I imagine they are exploring some far off place together, hand in hand.

I have enjoyed visiting with them in between jaunts this summer and sharing pictures from the pyramids, and stories from Central America.  My Nana's eyes lit up at the pictures I showed her, and she proudly told the other ladies at the Nursing Home that "her granddaughter was going to England!" before we left for the start of our trip.  I am so thankful for them, and for the fact that Ethan and I were able to spend time with them both.  

Time. Is. Invaluable.  
If I ever doubt our decision to take a career break and travel, with all the trials and tribulations that have come with it, I then think about time that you can't get back, and realize we made the right decision.  I am so grateful.

September 2008 at our wedding!

My grandparents Shep

I love you!

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  1. It was wonderful to see the love they shared with each other and with the whole family. You are truly fortunate to have had them for grandparents. I feel lucky to have met them.