"It's a dream anyone with a passport fantasizes about once in a while: ditching everything to travel the world for a year, or at least long enough to forget about office life.  Acting out that fantasy tends to be reserved for retirees and recent college graduates, but some midcareer globe-trotters hope to show that anyone can hop off the treadmill and go travel."

Ethan and I are certainly not retirees, recent college graduates, or in mid-career.  However, this article touches on some of the obstacles we encountered while planning our "career break";  One of the biggest being "Expect Resistance."  You may not believe this, but the people we felt the biggest resistance from was ourselves.  It felt (still feels) absolutely nuts to leave our beautiful island, awesome friends, and wonderful job to venture out with no paychecks, and no exact plan.  

However, one surprising thing we found while researching career breaks, is that a lot of people are doing it...

So that's the million-dollar question; Would you ditch everything (at least temporarily) to go travel?  What are your fears in doing so?