Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sleepy Little Granada Town

If you study a map a Nicaragua, the geographical feature that you won't miss, is Lago de Nicaragua. Near the southwest coast and nestled between towering volcanic mountains, Lago de Nicaragua is enormous!

With 8,264 sqkm of surface area, this body of water is so large, that it has significant impact on the climate of the region.

Sitting comfortably on the lake's northwestern bank is the historic city of Granada.

Settled in 1552, Granada has been the subject of many invasions. Always coveted for its access to ports on the Atlantic Ocean and resulting economic successes.

Steeped in a tradition of art and literature, Granada is rich with Central American and European culture. This was exemplified well by Casa De los Tres Mundos. A community outreach organization powered by art, music and education.

Courtyard mosaic at Casa de los Tres Mundos

One of the most distinct features of this charming town, is the playful kaleidoscope of bright colors, patterns and textures.

I quickly shot this picture over my shoulder as a woman passed

I don't know what kind of car this is, but its sweet!

I'm not sure if I should be scared or laugh...

One of the guides from Surfari Charters gave us a peek at his Moon Guide to Nicaragua a great book that, among other things provides lodging information organized by price range. So, if your looking for something a little above "shoe string," you can find it. After a quick reed, we decided on Casa San Francisco. Blocks from the central square, this little gem was one of Granada's first boutique hotels.

Created from a colonial courtyard house, Casa San Francisco, flawlessly set the tone for our stay in Granada.

Cozy room with small lanai over looking the front courtyard

The rear courtyard has a plunge pool. Irresistible after a long day of sight-seeing.

The mostly bilingual staff, was a big plus after a long day exercising the Spanglish region of our brains.

To top it all off, breakfasts was included!

A visit to la barbaria was another opportunity that couldn't be passed up. For 3 USD, this guayabera wearing gentlman gave me a strait razor shave, cleaned me up around the ears and gave me a face massage!

This is living!

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