Saturday, September 11, 2010

Come on A Surfari With Me...

It may seem backwards for two people who live in Hawaii to pay to go somewhere else to go surfing (something we can do for free in our own backyard).  But that's just what we did in the latest installment of "Ethan & Stacey flit around the world in search of architecture, culture, cheap flights, and friends."

Ever since we began planning our sabbatical, we knew we wanted to include a trip with Ethan's brother and his girlfriend. Since we were already in Central America (Belize in July), for simplicity sake, the trip with them lent itself to be elsewhere in Central America. Ari's internet skills quickly tracked down a few surf options in Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama. Ultimately, none of us had the time to put together the logistics of a surf trip with such varying skill level among us (my level being pretty sucky), so we chose something new to all of us: an all-inclusive surf camp in Nicaragua. The catch being that all logistics, transport, FOOD, accommodations (beach front house with hammocks!) is taken care of. We get uncrowded waves, knowledgable surf guides to get us to all the spots (saving us hours of driving-around-dirt-roads-dodging-pigs frustration), and even a fishing boat and captain to take us out when we need a break from surfing!  Heck yeah!

It. Was. Awesome.  None of is knew what to expect, but let me tell you...Surfari Charters is top notch. Lance and Kristen (who we sadly didn't get to meet because she was stateside visiting fam) have put together an awesome Camp in the Popoyo region of southern Nica. They have a fun, professional crew of surf and fishing guides.

Zach, our dance-party surf guide

Ari and Ethan going for a body surf

checking the waves

They have a superb chef making sure you are fed frequently...and fed well! Surfing is tiring business, and I think we averaged 4-5 meals a day.

They have a sweet beachfront house for you to stay in complete with hammocks, psychadellic sunsets, and cows on the beach.

Ethan resting on our front porch


herd of cows cruising the beach!

They have an open-air bar/gathering spot that will serve you as many Tona's and rum drinks as you can handle.

They have a boat and will take you to surf spots, beaches, and fishing! We caught Jacks, Mackerells, and a huge Rooster Fish (a sport fish that people travel the world over to catch)! And pulling up to a surf spot via boat is like having VIP service; not having to paddle out with the schmucks is pretty sweet. ;)

Rooster Fish!

Steph and I with our Jacks!

paddling in from the boat

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