Monday, June 28, 2010

A Northumberland Wedding

When we found out that our good friend from Hawaii would be getting married in England this summer, we figured we would swing by since we’d be “in the area.” (“in the area” meaning on that side of the pond.) After the stag party shenanigans in Manchester, we set off driving north through rolling farmland and sheep country. We arrived at the Northumberland coast to balmy weather, rocky coasts, castles, and cute little fishing villages.

The wedding was the next day at St. Ebba’s Chapel in Beadnell. We scooted in to town just in time for the wedding, so the first glimpse we had of Jesse was him standing at the front of the church!

St. Ebba’s Chapel

the getaway van

lovely Susie!

On the ride to the reception we passed Bamburgh Castle

A church and graveyard with an ocean view

The reception was at Budle Bay House – a country estate on a hillside overlooking Budle Bay.

how very British...wellies lined up by the front door

happy groom and family

the inside of the house...kind of reminds me of where we got married

The tent adorned with hand-made fabric bunting

love this suit!  And Jesse's mom looks beautiful in her hat

chandeliers and bunting

our awesome tablemates

After dinner we snuck out for a stroll through the gardens

some happy horses

We ran in to some more friends also out for a stroll; however the stroll was cut short by the “Ha-ha”!

This is an ha-ha. See, I was paying attention in Professor Dodd’s Histories & Theories class back in the day…

an "ah-ha"

And then back inside to dance the night away!  Congratulations Susie & Jesse!

the dance floor - note the kilt on the right!

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