Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Manchester “Stag” Party

Just like afternoon tea and driving on the left side of the road, attending a British “stag” party is a cultural experience not to be missed! Luckily our host’s good friend was going to be getting married mere weeks after we were there, and the entire crew came south for a rowdy weekend in Manchester to celebrate. The blokes were nice enough to let Ethan and I tag along… (yes, they let a girl come along on a boy’s night... I promised not to post any pics that would get anyone in trouble).

Here we are at our first stop of the evening…something feels oddly familiar.

Ethan and Jon making up for lost time

Several bar stops later and the groom-to-be loses his shirt.

See that opened wooden chest on the table in the center of the crowd? That was a beverage container…that we all drank out of with straws.

We all pile in a couple Hummer taxi cabs…clearly “click it or ticket” is not in effect in the GB.

Late night acrobatics and guitar playing finish up the eve.

Day 2 of the Stag Weekend: Attending a Cricket game at Old Trafford Field. The crew all dressed up as farm animals…? It makes no sense and I love it!

Jon the turkey

Sam the pig

Ethan chatting up a half-dressed cow

Jolly England taking on Bangladesh in test #1 of a 5-test stretch.

Cricket! I don’t understand it!

Really it’s just an excuse to drink beer in the hot sun with your best mates wearing an animal costume. Brilliant!

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