Friday, May 20, 2011

Photo Friday - One Year Ago...

On May 19, 2010 we ate our favorite last breakfast (Acai bowl at Bogart's!), took some cheesy pictures, packed the jeep with our luggage, took one last load of our belongings up to Mike & Julie's house to store for the duration, and then Katie took us to the airport...

Look at the excitement on E's face!  That is definitely an "I don't know what we're getting in to, but I'm READY for it" look!  I'm so grateful and humbled by all that we got do do, see, experience, taste, smell and face in the last 365 days.   Now that we are settling back in to "regular" life (whatever that is), I will use this blog to update you guys on all of the stories/pictures that still have not made it on the internet!  Believe it or no, we are terrible at making the time to write posts, and a LOT more happened than we had time to write about.  :)  Recaps are coming!

Happy 1-Year Travel Anniversary to the best travel partner a lady could ask for!


  1. Where did the plane take you guys this time?

  2. Sorry, after re-reading, I guess you boarded the plane a year ago! Lol

  3. Ha, yes...there have been no exciting plane rides here recently.