Saturday, July 3, 2010

NYC: Where we ate/drank

Grimaldi's Pizza. 
The line here is a mile long, so the trick is to grab some friends, take turns waiting in line while the others cruise the waterfront, order 2 pies to go, and take them to the park to watch the sunset.  Perfecto!

Sun set over the East River

The Milk Bar, Brooklyn
Delicious breakfast!

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, Union Square-ish
Ha!  This was a chance encounter.  I actually read about this ice cream truck in the Delta in-flight magazine during the flight from Cairo to NYC.  The ice cream is delish and very creative.  Ever heard of bacon in your ice cream sandwich?  Or how about curried coconut shavings on your soft serve (pictured below)?

Yonah Schimmel's Knishery
Thanks to Ari for the recommendation; the oldest Knishery in the city!  We tried the sweet potato.  (If you don't know what a Knish is, read here.)

Delish knish!

The Frying Pan
Thanks to Tommy for the recommendation.  The Frying Pan is a bar on a boat...a rusty boat. A rusty boat that seems ready to sink overflowing with the after work crowd drinking buckets of Corona while watching the sun set over Jersey.  We loved it!

Ethan doing his best Jersey Shore fist pump

Bubby's, Tribeca
You HAVE to try the mac 'n cheese!

Another Ari recommendation; bagel sandwiches at their best!

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