Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Egypt: Dahab

I can see Saudi Arabia from my lounge chair at the hotel pool!  Insane.

That is Saudi Arabia, across the Red Sea from the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt

It is a bit surreal to be here, so near to where all of the fighting and turmoil is.  However, I do feel like I can understand Arab people and culture a little better by being here, seeing the mountains and the desert that they come from.  Everything here in Egypt is so interesting....the juxtaposition between ancient Egyptian history, Biblical history, and current events is blowing my little mind.

I do feel weird and guilty for being at a "resort" on the beach, while there is so much poverty and trash abundant.

Laura and Susannah lounging poolside

Dahab is known for being a world-class snorkeling/diving destination, and it is a welcome divergence to be able to get in the water and cool off, and to not have to be so covered up from the sun and heat.  We went snorkeling today and saw giant clams, lion fish, and amazing coral!

The Red Sea

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